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What we offer

An 8-month programme to teach you the “German way” of doing business with online workshops, to extend your French-German network thanks to a face-to-face session in Düsseldorf during Q2 of 2023, and to support you in your business development phase from September to December 2023.

Learn the specificities of the German market from local mentors, experts and successful French founders. Challenge yourself to adjust and harmonise your approach of the market.

Multiply your business and financing opportunities by accessing a large network of entrepreneurs, business executives, experts in your sector and investors throughout Germany.

One of our German speaking advisors will be dedicated to your company’s project during 5 months and will initiate contact with a list of targets in order to collect feedback and organize B to B meetings.  

Country’s benefits

Key facts about Germany

Largest economy in Europe

Germany is the fourth largest economy in the world (after the USA, China and Japan) and the largest economy in Europe. The German economy is one of the most competitive in the world and it is based on free competition, one of its key principles.

Density of population

Germany is the most populous country within the European Union, with 84 million inhabitants on an area of 357,386 km², a density of 232 inhabitants/km² (consequently twice the population density of France, given Germany has an area half sized the one of France).

Full swing of digitalisation in Germany

The various waves of lockdown have accelerated the digitalisation of the German economy. In the coming years, some sectors are likely to experience a strong upswing: new payment methods, software, cloud technologies and security applications, as well as the telecommunications industry (5G and fibre roll-out).