Un regroupement de startups qui réussissent

Malgré la première édition des French Tech Days Turquie, plusieurs startups et PME innovantes nous ont fait confiance pour leur développement sur le marché turc. Découvrez-les !

Présentation des Alumnis

Anciens alumnis des French Turkish Retail Days de Novembre 2021


Mirakl offers the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. With Mirakl, organizations across B2B and B2C industries can launch marketplaces faster, grow bigger, and operate with confidence as they exceed rising customer expectations. Platforms are the new competitive advantage in eCommerce, and the world’s most trusted brands choose Mirakl for its comprehensive solution of technology, expertise, and the Mirakl Connect ecosystem to unlock the power of the platform business model for them. As a result, companies like ABB, Astore by AccorHotels, Best Buy Canada, Carrefour, Catch, Changi Airport, Darty, The Kroger Co., Leroy Merlin, Maisons du Monde, Metro, and Toyota Material Handling gain the speed, scale, and agility to win in the changing eCommerce landscape.


Gridbees is the 100% API-first headless e-commerce platform that optimizes your customer journey and boosts your online sales. The Gridbees suite consists of modular and independent tools that support you through all the steps to build a high-performance e-commerce.
From the management of products, offers, customers and orders through marketing and sales animation to the call center, Gridbees is fully scalable and can be easily integrated into heterogeneous solutions.


Livejourney is a Process Mining software which empowers retailers to:
• Visualize their end-to-end process
• Detect and be alerted in real time about anomalies in the process (non-conformance, reworks, bottlenecks)
• Measure performance and ROI
• Find automation (RPA) opportunities
• Simulate future paths thanks to our machine learning algorithms (patented AI)

Meta Thinker

We are experts in supporting and setting up international workflows, in particular, by analysing and developing the skills of each representative, whether on issues of branding, routing, data management, and KPI analysis.
To help you achieve operational success, we have developed Mailthinker, a SaaS solution for your distributed marketing, which allows you to supervise the work of your employees by managing their international campaigns.
Our goal is to assure excellent time to market and branding throughout the world.


Numerized is a SaaS platform for creating and distributing 3D models on the web.
Numerized is perfectly adapted to retailers, letting them create 3D models of their products in minutes, scaling their 3D content creation and letting them easily create 3D and Augmented Reality experiences on their websites or stores.


Quividi offers a computer vision solution to retailers, to analyze the engagement of shoppers with key points of interest in store (window, section, shelf, product, panel…), while respecting their privacy. When connected to a digital signage screen, it calculates the precise audience of played messages and adapts them dynamically to the audience profile and behavior, resulting in significantly higher conversion into sales.
Quividi also provides impression data to monetize retail media screens and is already connected with the largest DOOH programmatic platforms.
Quividi has 15 years of experience with hundreds of customers worldwide.


RelevanC was created in 2017. We are structured in three operating areas: services, platforms, data & development. We have built a strong expertise in retail operations and developed advanced SaaS platforms to enhance this capability (1:1 personalized offers platform, retail media platform, digital catalog solution, product substitution algorithm…). Our 360° offer covers all stages of the purchase funnel, across the different touchpoints available through retail (instore, in app, on site, offsite). We now service +10 retailers and +500 advertisers and agencies are using our platforms.


Thunes is a B2B company that powers payments for the world’s fastest-growing businesses. Corporates and financial institutions can move funds seamlessly, safely and cost-effectively with our well-established, reliable and far-reaching network. With a single, simple connection, your business and customers can send payments to – and get paid in – every corner of the world. Instantly. We support 60+ currencies, enable payments to 110+ countries, and help you accept 285+ payment methods. With our end-to-end service, as well as custom solutions, and alongside our network partners, Thunes’ solution eases the complexity of settlements and compliance for businesses.


Create interactive and engaging content for touchscreens. With Touchify, sales, marketing and design teams can work together to build engaging and immersive user experiences on all your digital devices.
• This innovative platform is based on three components:
• Touchify Studio, a graphical editor to easily build interactive experiences
• Touchify Publisher, a tool to centrally distribute your content on all your digital devices
• Touchify Analytics, a data analytics platform to collect usage statistics and understand your customers’ behavior
• Touchify is a turnkey solution for an impactful communication.


Ubu is a social CRM helping brands engage and grow their community while increasing their sales. Ubi is dedicated to top e-commerve brands that combines social management with influencer marketing. They created an efficient interface that allows you to turn casual conversations with your community into authentic & direct relationships, to access to the most detailed activity dashboard for Instagram to finally understand how you perform. It also help you to find and awake the sleeping ambassadors of your brand to engage them through high conversation rate campaigns.

Worldpay (from FIS)

Worldpay from FIS is a leading payments technology company that powers global commerce for merchants, banks, and capital markets. Processing 79 billion transactions topping $10T for 20,000+ clients annually, Worldpay lifts economies and communities by advancing the way the world pays, banks, and invests. We create secure and scalable innovations that connect commerce across all geographies and sales channels. The company’s integrated technology platform offers a unified and comprehensive solution set to help clients run, grow, and achieve more for their business. With a 50+ year history in financial services, we remain ahead of the curve to outpace today’s competitive economic landscape.


Plusieurs ambitions. On a réalisé que la Turquie – en France on a pas forcément ce regard-là – était très présente dans le marché du retail. Qui dit retail dit besoin de vendre, e-commerce sur Internet. Et donc comme Gridbees, comme nous avons une solution qui répond bien à ces enjeux-là, on s’est intéressé profondément à la Turquie. Et à travers des évènements comme celui-ci, on va essayer de se faire une petite place, de jouer des coudes, de façon à ce que les e-commercants puissent reconnaître Gridbees comme une solution viable sur le marché.

Quividi est une société qui a une quinzaine d’années, qui fait beaucoup d’export. La Turquie, c’était un marché qui nous intéressait particulièrement. Et donc c’est grâce à Amina qu’on a commencé par faire une mission individuelle. De fil en aiguille, on s’est retrouvé ici dans cette journée, en rencontrant plein de prospects, plein de nouveaux clients potentiels, et puis d’autres clients qu’on vient voir du coup en profitant de ce voyage.