Source the right technology thanks to Business France

Thanks to the knowledge of the markets by the offices present in each country making up the program, we accompany you as closely as possible to the business ecosystems to help you identify and understand the challenges that will constitute your international development strategy.

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Source new French Tech Solutions in 4 steps

  • During the morning of our two days, we will be organizing a conference of local Tech markets so you can understand them and look for commercial opportunities 

During our two events, you will be given workshops about local business practices so you can perfectly display your solution to potential buyers and enablers. Presented by experts on local business practices, these workshops will allow you to make your exchanges with local prospects easier and more interactive. 

We will be organizing a networking lunch during which we will be inviting local French entrepreneurs, as well as representatives of big BENELUX companies so you can start making your network 

During the afternoon of our days in Brussels and Amsterdam, you will be meeting potentially representatives of companies from the two countries, depending on your commercial targets, so you can display them your solutions to their needs. 

Our two days will be closed by two cocktail ceremonies to make exchanging between participants easier.

The advantages of the event

Belgium : A number of opportunities and openings for partnerships. 

– Being in the top 10 of the 2020 Digital Economy & Society Index rating, Belgium distinguishes itself in terms of connectivity and digital technology integration by companies 

– Belgium is ranked 8th in the European Union for Fintech and has the biggest number of B2B central start-ups in Europe 

– Turning point of digital and innovation in Europe, the country has an advantageous infrastructure when it comes to connectivity, data storage and Tech applications. 

– Strong of its presence of numerous international organizations like the European Commission or Nato, Brussels is also home of the giants like Avnet, HP, IBM, SWIFT, Worldline, TE Connectivity or the Microsoft innovation center. 

Netherlands : A number of opportunities and openings for partnerships 

– An open country, focused on international relations. 95% of the major markets in Europe can be reached in less than 24h, English being spoken by more than 90% of the population and over 60 different nationalities working in Tech, 4th biggest exporter of information technologies in the world 

– The world’s biggest leading Tech companies have head offices in the Netherlands due to its advantageous environment. There is always more head offices of widespread foreign companies since Brexit 

– Netherlands are the European head offices of more than 450 multi-national companies due to its English-speaking workforce and its advantageous tax policy. Giants like Netflix, Uber, Tesla, Cisco, Microsoft and ING reach throughout Europe because of their strategical location in the Netherlands 

– According to the European Digital City Index, Amsterdam is ranked 3 among the 60 European cities that offer the best context for start-ups 

– According to the European Digital City Index, Amsterdam is ranked 3 among the 60 European cities that offer the best context for start-ups