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This is a country with a high degree of digitisation, and our solution is high-tech. The Swedes are open to it. In addition, our solution increases the productivity of software developers through advanced automation, which is another advantage for Sweden, where labour costs are very high and developers are very scarce. The decision-making process in Sweden is not as cumbersome as in other countries, where companies are organised more hierarchically. Finally, Sweden has a very large number of international brands, with a decision-making centre in Sweden. Winning contracts in Sweden therefore means conquering international markets

Erik EVRARDGlobal Partner Account Manager / Manager Northern Europe at (French Tech 120)


On the investor side, I haven’t seen better. They even come to us, which never happens! We see funds that we wouldn’t have had the chance to see elsewhere. By 9.30 am on the first day, I had already found a potential partner. We met again in France the week after. Even if you only exhibit for one day, you can spend the other full day in an appointment. The atmosphere is excellent and the design incredible.

Frédéric BruneauCEO at Foxy Nerds